Jade was with our family for 9 years. Jade’s story is also one of heartache and compassion. Jade did live in a fur-ever home with her 2 babies. For some reason after 5 years, it was decided to return Jade to the shelter; without her babies. They remained in the adopted home. My sister had her girl Harleigh for 16 years, who was the inspiration for me to find Jade. When I was ready to bring home a fur baby to love, I found Jade. She reminded me of my fur-niece Harleigh, so I was immediately smitten and wanted to help. Jade could be considered Harleigh’s twin sister. When Jade arrived at my house, she was very shy and scared. She had come from a home where she lived with her babies and several other animals. I immediately fell in love and agreed to adopt Jade. She remained hidden under the bed for about 3 days; only coming out to eat and use the litterbox. Jade eventually warmed up and began to trust me. She was also very sick with conjunctivitis and upper respiratory infection. I had taken her to the vet to get checked out and received the diagnosis. From that point on I was caring for Jade and dispensing medication on a regular basis. Jade recovered from her illness; however, about a year later, she was diagnosed with diabetes which required daily (2x) dosages of insulin shots. From that that point forward, my life revolved around caring for Jade and her diabetes. I didn’t mind as I wanted to help her. At first, it was very difficult to dispense the insulin shots; however, eventually she accepted the shots, and I was able to dispense very easily which was important for her to remain stable. She remained therapeutic for almost 9 years. Regardless, Jade was always very playful and loved to play with her favorite toys; a mouse tied to a ribbon or her favor furry ball. Jade had the brightest eyes; beautiful green eyes that would stare directly at you. She had the best paws which were like furry booties (kitty Uggs). She had three nicknames – Jadie Bear, Jae Jae and Bright Eyes! A few years later when my sister and I combined households, a new kitty name Nala entered the household. My sister had Nala for about 3 years. Jade and Nala didn’t get along at first but then they learned to co-exist. Jade was the quiet one but would stand up for herself if need be. Though she never looked for a fight with Nala. She was the wise and older one. Then we brought in our canine companions which resulted in very full house with our fur babies. Jade was very tolerant of all the different fur residents. She was 7 years old when I adopted her. She was 11 years old when she gained new sisters (Nala and Lilly) and a brother (Mason). When we relocated to Colorado, Jade was able to get a window view into the backyard with all the trees, squirrels, and rabbits. She would love to look out the window and lay in the sun. Early 2021, Jade stated to show signs that she was struggling with her eating. Her glucose levels we less therapeutic and she showed signs of not wanting to eat. This was the same time our boy Mason was struggling. As time progressed, we had to make another very difficult decision to let Jade go home across rainbow bridge. This was 3 weeks after Mason. Again, we called in Caring Pathways who were very compassionate and respectful of Jade. Jade you were the light of our lives, and a great teacher. We love and miss you every day sweet Jade. RIP sweet Jade.