My handsome, sweet boy. My dear companion, my happy hiking partner, my confidant, my joy.

Chasing a frisbee, he would fly through the air like Michael Jordan. The soft green grass, his runway. His glorious copper-colored coat, his wings. His strong, long legs, his landing gear.

We never taught him to do that. His desire to fly and chase and fly again were all his own. A beautiful thing to witness. It made me wish I could fly too.

And now, he has flown away, over the Rainbow Bridge, where there are countless green fields and clear blue lakes and rolling streams and endless pine forests to explore. Where he can fly again and again and again.

I will miss his ever-present Golden Retriever smile that always reminded me to find joy in the moment, to love like he did, to find my own way to fly.

Joey. Meaning God’s Promise or “God Will Give.” Joey gave so much to us every single day and I am eternally grateful. I will miss you my beautiful boy.