The most perfect sweet old kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her own home and on her own terms. I went to a pet adoption day in 2006 looking for a kitten and was smitten with a beautiful young adult cat with bright blue eyes and one ear. When I held her for the first time my Mom said to me “Oh my gosh, she’s your cat!” And she was.

Kisa was by my side for grad school, 5 jobs, 2 major hip surgeries and recoveries, and 9 moves over the past 12 years. Whenever we arrived at a new home she would do a quick walk around the premises and then find a sunny spot to settle in while looking at me to say “Okay, this can be our home.” Even though I love all 3 of my cats just the same, whenever anyone else came into the house Kisa was their favorite. She had a special way of making everyone feel appreciated.

In the end she was mostly deaf, very arthritic, had the most dysplastic hips the vet had ever seen in a cat, had hyperthyroidism, occasional pancreatitis flares, and finally, a terminal cancer diagnosis. Every time I thought we were at the end, she always bounced back for more. This sweet old girl put me through the ringer many times over the past few years, but she was determined to live up her 9 lives to the max! 

I am so appreciative of Caring Pathways and of Dr. Candice and the outstanding care she provided the evening that Kisa passed away.  Although Kisa passed away before Dr. Candice could get to us, she spent over an hour at my house sitting with me and Kisa and showed such respect, compassion, and sympathy. 

Because of Caring Pathways, Kisa was able to spend her last few hours of life at home with me and her kitty siblings, in her living room, and on her favorite blanket.  Although it is never an easy experience to lose a beloved pet, Caring Pathways and Dr. Candice made it possible for the end to be as natural and peaceful as possible.