Kittyboy was a polydactyl (Hemingway cat), who was around 20 years old. He adopted us and our home many years ago and was living at his fourth adopted home which he chose on his own and was welcomed. Kittyboy had the uncanny sense of knowing whoever had lost a loved one or family pet. He would go to their home and stay with them for a while. Kittyboy would allow the person to hold, hug him, and cry in his fur. He came back to our home for a few days when I lost my husband last year. Kittyboy would make trips down the street to visit a neighbor who is in hospice at home. To our dismay, he was also fond of greeting Animal Control when they were in the area. Kittyboy had his own ‘chauffer service’ (the neighbors) that would drive him to whichever house he wanted to visit during his last couple years. He had trained the neighborhood dogs to respect him with a couple of smacks from his huge paws. We were blessed that neighbors had the chance to say goodbye before he passed. Kittyboy was a gentle and beloved neighborhood cat. Kittyboy had the song below written especially for him. We will miss our magical cat.

Oh Kitty Boy (sung to the tune of ‘Oh Danny Boy’)

“Oh Kitty Boy, the dish, the dish is calling.
From house to house, and down Shoshone Street
The good stuff’s gone, and all the cats are crying
‘Tis you, ‘tis you must go and I must hide.
But come ye back when the dish is overflowing,
Or when the cupboard’s stocked and never low.
‘Tis I‘ll be here in sunshine, rain or snow
Oh Kitty Boy, oh Kitty Boy, we love you so.”