I had the privilege of being Koda Bear’s mom for almost 12 years. He came into my life in charge and like a bull in a china shop. He loved the outdoors and was truly what you would call a Colorado dog. Camping, walks, runs, jeep rides anything outside were his favorite things to do. He loved most but did have his selective side with some canines. Koda Bear was a gentle old soul but with the boundless energy labs seem to have. He was faithful and a mighty protector to his family and especially me his mom. He was a big headed tank who would run you over to get in front. He had to be first in everything no matter what you tried to train him to do. He was well behaved until the leash was put on and then he was a sled dog with only his nose as his focus. He was my baby boy who I loved very very much. I always thought I would have him for a longer time but cancer decided otherwise so I had to make the decision to let him go when he could no longer love what he loved. I am thankful that I had such an amazing dog in my life and that I was able to be there to the end where he was loved until he laid his head to rest. May you run free with all of the lost canines and be that fun police for all the young’uns over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much Koda Bear and not a day goes by that I look up in the sky and see the bright star looking down at me and smile knowing its you. Till we meet again my big sweet boy.