Kodi! Here Kodi!, Good boy! Good Boy!

Kodi (Kodiak), you always came running when we called your name before but now you are running free with the heavenly wind. You left us the day before the Full Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse and the next evening as we viewed that brilliant celestial event, we imagined we again could hear your normal full-moon howls echoing through the neighborhood as well as across the cosmos.

As an Alaskan Malamute pup, with a touch of “Giant” thrown in by your mom, we welcomed you from Cheyenne into our family. You were an adorable armful of fluffy, oh-so-soft fur with such ungainly, four massive paws and two bent over ears that we wondered whether you were somehow deformed. Hah! Hah! Kodi, your ears straightened and your frame filled out; a majestic 150 pound champion remained.  

From neighborhood paths to high mountain trails, your appearance brightened the day for so, so many people. Your power and size scared off all the coyotes, yet your gentle spirit permitted even the smallest dogs to stand on their hind legs to stretch up and bravely touch noses.

Through the years, through the seasons, your everyday walks with us eased the workday stress. As our “personal trainer”, the local three-mile loop presented all of us with good health and the beauty of nature. We will keep it a secret that you high-jumped the tall grass fields like the fox/coyote/wolf just to scare the mice and voles into moving around in order to grab a quick snack — shhh!

Our family will forever treasure your presence, Kodi, and your most comforting, peaceful spirit. Although you have left us, as we come down the stairs in the morning, we seem to catch a glimpse of you lying in your corner. In the afternoon, a sideways glance finds you resting in the shade of the lilacs on the back lawn while evening time finds you standing at the patio door asking “What’s for dinner?” 

One day in the future, you will hear us once again call out and you will joyfully come running into our arms to join us on our journey:

Kodi! Here Kodi!