Larry Fordham – 2019

Larry was affectionately known as Big Larry.  He was a big cat who weighed in at 15 pounds. so the name fit him perfectly. Larry was a rescue from the Denver Dumb Friends League. Larry only lived with us for about two and half years and we loved every minute of it.

Larry was a shy cat but very use to routine. In the evenings Larry would sit on the edge of the chair and just wait to be brushed. He would stare at you until you took his brush out of the bag and then he would just purr away. When Larry thought it was time for everyone to go to bed he would sit in the hallway staring at you until you moved towards the bedroom. Larry would jump up on the bed and just wait for you to get in.

Larry loved to travel. He went everywhere with us. He loved going to the beach. While he would not want to come out on the patio he would love to just stare at the water for long periods of time. Once he tired of that he would head back to his own bedroom to sleep. Larry loved trains, planes and automobiles.

We miss our big red lovable Big Larry very much.