We have known that the end was approaching for our beloved American Bulldog Lazarus but we thought he had weeks, maybe even a month or two left. Last week he went downhill fast and we knew it was time to say goodbye. We have always opted for in-home euthanasia for our dogs. We called Caring Pathways and were able to make arrangements for the next day (New Year’s). When Dr. Kary Walters arrived she took the time to get to know about Laz and what he meant to us. She did a great job explaining what to expect. She was patient and caring. In today’s mail we received a very thoughtful handwritten condolence card from Dr. Kary. With the card was a Pet Lover’s Code spelling out “10 Inalienable Rights After the Death of a Special Companion Animal”, which we have already found helpful (good to know that “griefbursts” are not unusual). There was also a card enclosed that told us a donation to the Morris Foundation for Animals had been made in Honor and Memory of Lazarus. We are so appreciative of Dr. Kary and her kindness and compassion. What a wonderful human being and what a fine company.