Leira, also known as my “little patrol dog” had so much personality and a fierce love of life, which is why it’s so hard to say goodbye. She had to be in the know of everything, making sure she was included with what was going on.

She wanted to go EVERYWHERE with me, which for the most part she did. She LOVED hiking, climbing 14ers, sitting at the front door looking out, tearing her toys apart, playing in the snow piles, chasing chipmunks and yes, even catching the occasional squirrel or bird.

She was a burrower instead of a cuddler (always burrowing her head into me…. and wanting that shoulder massage.) She was a talker and always told me about her day.

She was also a fighter; and after given only a month to live, she battled for 10 more months….in true Leira style.

She will be forever missed.