It’s never easy saying goodbye to your furry family and even harder when the choice is in your hands! My kitty Lional was almost 17 years old when his kidneys were failing.I have had my boy since he was just a tiny kitten! He was a great friend to me all those years! When he was younger he would play hide and seek and fetch with hair-ties. He was vocal and loved to cuddle. Not everyone is a cat person.. Only those lucky enough get that kind of bond and loyalty from a kitty! One of your vets Shelby came out and I don’t think we could have asked for anymore more kind and gentle with us and our baby! She took the time needed to make sure he went in peace and felt nothing! She walked us thru every step of the way and made sure she gave of plenty of time to process each step. My heart is missing my dear friend but I am somewhat at peace today knowing he was able to say his final goodbyes at home I’m comfort. He looked absolutely peaceful in the moment as he sat in his window birdwatching as he slowly went to sleep! From the moment I had to make the call until the very end, everyone at Caring Pathways made this process a bit easier!! Yes it costs a little more at home but this experience was worth every penny and I can only hope circumstances allow me to do it this way for all my babies!! Thank you Caring Pathways for helping making saying goodbye a bit easier on all of us!!