Lulu, our beloved family member

Lulu was an unconditional best friend that no matter what, was there and listened and showed understanding by giving love in her own little ways; such as putting her head on your lap or feet. She always wanted to “go” on adventures and loved every minute. Her happy place was anywhere with her humans. She was a sweet girl. I always called her Palulu or Girlfriend. I’d call Palulu when she was outside and I needed her to come in. I called her Girlfriend when leaving for work, asking her to watch the house, or when going somewhere like a walk or ride, or going up to bed. I miss her so much.


Lulu was absolutely no guard dog but she was a strong companion. And God help you if you were a squirrel or a bird or a rabbit. Definitely the part I will miss the most is knowing that she was there, greeting us when coming in the door, and her following me around. Lulu was a very important member of our family. She will be missed and I care about her a lot. Losing Lulu leaves a big gap in our family. She was a great camping buddy. Thank you for all the camping memories. I hope you’re chasing all the bunnies you can.