Macey came to us in her 13th year. She had been our daughter’s dog and when they got a new puppy, Macey was not happy. She had always lived in the city and so coming to our home and having lots of land was new to her. Before long she was running and jumping like a dog many years her junior. It didn’t take long for our hearts to bond with hers. When we came home from work, she greeted us with a little dance, jumping for joy to see us. After over two years living with us, she became ill about a year ago. We determined to do everything we could to help her get well. After many months, though, she was getting weaker and it was difficult for her to walk. One day she began falling down and we realized it was time. We were holding her here for us because the pain of letting her go was too much. Caring Pathways became our answer. Dr. Kelly was so loving and kind. Macey snuggled up between our daughter and me, laid her head to the side, and closed her eyes. It was a if she were saying “Thank you”. She was so ready to go.

We miss her terribly, but are so grateful her last moments on this earth were filled with compassion and love. What a wonderful gift you gave to Macey and to us!