A beautiful love story came to an end this weekend. After 14.5 years of laughter and togetherness, we all said goodbye to a legend, our beloved Maebe. Our hearts of full of joy and awe, reflecting on the many years of irreplaceable memories with her. She was – a one in a – forever.

Maebe never really seemed like a dog to us – she always seemed so human, so connected to us and to the existence of being human in the world. She was smart, curious, loving, courageous, stubborn, generous, loyal and happy – a guide. Simply stated: she taught us how to love and she taught us how to live.

She always knew what she wanted and was never shy about telling us. She gave her whole self to every moment. She was strong and brave, bright and happy – even in her final moments. Gratitude isn’t a big enough word for how profoundly thankful we are to have been her pack, her family, her love, her home.