I Had Steak Today!

It was a good day, one of my best. I had a steak today, one prepared just for me. It was not a couple of bites of table scraps, or even one of the delicious juicy bones that dad often gives me at the end of our family barbecues. It was not even like the time I nabbed dad’s steak off of his plate while he was answering the door and left it unattended. Boy, the look on his face that day was priceless! I guess he never figured that I could get, and eat, that entire steak so quickly before he returned to his empty plate. Dad still tells that story to this day, and everybody laughs about it.
No, my steak today was different. It was prepared with love by my people, and it was all mine.
The boys and I had a big slumber party the night before. We all stayed up really late and even watched movies deep into the night. I don’t often get to spend a night with all three of them. I usually sleep with the oldest boy, and do my best to avoid being rolled on top of during the nights. Last night was a really wonderful time with all of the boys petting me and snuggling me. I really love this family of mine.
These days the boys are “extra gentle” with me, as it seems that every part of my body that can, usually hurts really badly. The boys joke that this is only natural because I am 115 years old they say, so they go out of their way to be really careful when they pet and hold me. I am happy that they have been able to help me move around the house when I need to. They are loving people.
We have all had some pretty great adventures over the last many years. I have been a part of great celebrations, along with the quiet and comfy times just sitting in the sun. We have had a mostly wonderful life, with some occasional sad times as well, but we have always been there for each other as a family should.
I have had a chance to see my people really develop as a genuinely loving family. I have enjoyed many full days of watching mom and dad flirt with each other in the kitchen. Then we all snuggle in on the couch for some down time. Even though mom and dad love each other as much as anyone possibly could, I still let mom know that dad is my person, and I’m not afraid to push her out of the way just so that I can lie down on dad’s lap.
Probably my favorite part of the past decade has been watching my three boys grow into what are quickly becoming strong, caring, capable young men. They are always dashing off to something fun and usually getting extremely dirty in the process. I really love those guys!
I guess this day has gone down the way that it should. My people all snuggled me for hours. They cried a lot and petted me with happy tears filling their eyes, then daddy held me on his lap in the sun and, with a full belly and a tremendous amount of love, I drifted into a peaceful sleep.
It was a good day, one of my best.