Our dear friend and companion, Maggie, passed away on December 26, 2016. She was a loyal, dear friend and always there to keep us company with her unconditional love. We had many years with her as part of our family when we adopted her and her daughter, Millie, in 2002. She was always there to warm your lap, your heart, and her presence was a constant source of fulfillment.

To the Staff at Caring Pathways who was always there to answer my phone calls and answer questions, thank you for your understanding and support you extended to me. You are an amazing team, so thoughtful and caring.

To Dr. Kary Walters, our deepest gratitude for your compassion, patience, and support you extended to my son, Alex, and I during what was very difficult evening. You were a blessing to us and we are thankful for the time and care you spent with us. Thank you also for the love you gave to our sweet girl, Maggie.

Maggie Mae
You will remain forever in our hearts
May 2000 – December 26, 2016