In 2011, Dana and I went to the Idaho Humane Society on a whim because I wanted a kitten. We stood in front of the kitten room and saw a black and white ball of fur zooming around, smacking the other kittens and causing them to hide in fear. We immediately pointed him out – “we want that one”. The volunteer grabbed him. He bit her as she quickly handed the beast to me. Originally named “The Kraken”; he had already been adopted and returned. I knew he was mine. That night we broke into an unoccupied apartment at the Idanha and with the help of some substances, came up with a name.

**Mako McPurrington Shark III**

He was so difficult. He was mean. He was demanding. He had attitude. He hated snuggling. He was obsessed with fetching toys and drawing blood. From the beginning, he was my companion animal. Any time I experienced loss, he was the first one to come up to me and ask to get picked up, stretching his arms up as high as he could over my knees. He would flop over my shoulder and sink into my grief.
He stomped around like he was the King of the World or something. He yelled when he wanted something. He picked on Rizzo and ruined her opinion on cats for life. Honestly, he scared any dog he came into contact with.

He smelled like hamster bedding. His fur was perfect and he had long gremlin hairs that stuck out from his toes. His tongue would get stuck outside his mouth after a bath. I feel empty with him gone, but he was very sick and we couldn’t do anything to save him. I’ll never know another cat like Mako.

Mouse Cat, you are missed beyond words. Thank you for everything.
May 19th 2011 – June 1st 2023 🖤