Mason was in our family for just over 3 years. He was our first GSD and our second dog from the rescue which we volunteered with in South Los Angeles. His story was one of concern and sadness. Mason was the name found on the original tag when he was discovered and brought to the shelter as a stray. Mason was microchipped; however, when both the shelter and rescue made attempts to contact the name on the registration, there was no response. Mason came to us with existing health problems and was listed approximately as 8-9 years old. After the post adoption vet check-up, he was assessed as being about 11 years old. This was April 2018. Mason was the one we wanted to bring home as a companion to our first dog, Lilly a Belgian Shepherd. He immediately was diagnosed with several health issues including possible Degenerative Myelopathy aka DM. We worked to find the best therapy we could to help him live the best quality of life including laser, acupuncture, and range of motion therapy. This was through a rehab facility and mobile vet experienced in both eastern and western medicine. We continued with the therapy, and he was able to have the use of all his extremities if only for the first year he was in our home. He was an old soul and was very quiet and calm. Mason would go out into the backyard and look for squirrels if only to see a few. We relocated to Colorado and Mason was able to experience all 4 seasons including squirrels, and rabbits. He especially loved the winter snow. After about 2 years, his mobility decreased significantly. Mason was relegated to laying on the floor most of the time because he could not get up on his own. His bark became raspy, and he seemed to have more anxiety. During the winter months, we would take him outside in the backyard and by through a miracle, he was able to stand and walk in the snow. Along with sister Lilly, he learned to play in the snow, doggie snowball fights. He loved the snow and being outside. He loved life, sunrises and standing out on the deck overseeing and making sure all was right with our surroundings as he was protecting his family. He watched his sister Lilly like a hawk to make sure that she was good. Lilly and Mason were bonded and really liked being around one another. He was full of life mentally, loved eating his food and licking his spoon popsicles; and we cannot forget the puppachinos! He also loved to walk when he could. We were lucky enough to run with him in the early days. He galloped with his front paws touching his back paws. It was only once, but amazing to see. Mason had the time of his life. He had two nicknames – Bubby (buddy + puppy) and Mason – the Explorer. As time progressed, so did his illness. We were fortunate to find Caring Pathways who came in and assessed Mason and his quality of life. After a few months, his condition worsened; however, he was always happy and loved being near his people. When it was time for Mason to return home over the rainbow bridge, Caring Pathways was there to help with his transition; although it was very difficult to make that choice. Caring Pathways were very kind and respectful of Mason. We sincerely appreciated this as we had to make a very difficult decision. We had to do what was best for Mason and Caring Pathways was there to help us do that for our sweet boy Mason. Mason you are a great teacher, and you continue to teach us. Mason was only with us for 3 years; however, it was 3 years of great inspiration and many learnings that will last a lifetime. We are grateful, we love and miss you very much. RIP our sweet Mason (Bubby).