{Sweet Milo Baby}🖤

Jess and I said goodbye to our sweet boy in October. He may have been only a tiny 6.5lbs, but his heart was larger than life.

I rescued him back in CT 5 years ago and only wish I had his entire life by my side. This little guy showed up at my back door and soon he and Scoot became little buds. He snuggled with me and never left my side during the darkest days of my life. My little mountain lions. They are my tribe.

From CT to PA to home sweet home in COLORADO, Milo made it all the miles. Gave me all the head butts, all the snuggles, ate all the things from the kitchen counter, drank water from the shower & toilet 🙃, all while giving Jess and I unconditional love during this last year of his life.

Sweet Milo, you are my heart. I may have rescued you, but you saved me 🐾

As my heart aches and tears roll down my face, I know you’re pain free and loving life over there on the other side of the rainbow bridge, sweet boy 🌈

We love you baby, Milo ❤️