My 15 year-old best friend, soul mate Mister got sick, or at least starting acting sick, very suddenly. He was seeming fine one day and not well the next. I took him to the vet the weekend before Christmas and he ended up having a seizure while at the vet. They gave me some meds and I took him home to see if the meds would get him feeling better. He ended up having more seizures that night and his health declined even further…and I had a feeling that his time was coming to an end. I called Caring Pathways around 5 am and spoke to their on-call vet who talked me through things and we both decided that putting Mister down was the best decision.

Dr. Mike Brodt was the vet that ended up coming out and performing the procedure. I was a blubbering mess and he was very professional yet caring and patient. Explained everything to me so that there would be no surprises. He was so compassionate and really helped me through the most difficult time and decision of my life. It was definitely the best option for the worst time in my life. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

My Mister was able to pass away in his Mom’s arms, on our own terms and in the peace of our own home. I was even given a book about grieving the loss of your pet….and it was a heaven sent! Such a great book that helped me grieve, heal, and write down all my memories of Mister. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has to go through this in the future!