Molli became a part of our family over 13 years ago and every day with her was a blessing. Happy to see us and sad when we left she was the truest expression of pure love you could imagine. Always a greeting at the door with her tail wagging and a shoe in her mouth after hours of watching for us through the front door, she never left our side. He favorite thing in life was going for a walk and, of course, eating. We walked hundreds of miles and she was ever on the lookout for rabbits, birds, or anything a Golden Retriever searched for. She was especially wary of large blow-up Santa’s or reindeer. Molli loved being rubbed on her chest, hated being brushed, and was chief navigator by leaning on the front console of the car. For many years we had the pleasure of Molli and her brother, Max, sleeping on our bed and we didn’t have the courage to kick them off. She was a loving member of our family and our house will never be the same. God Bless Caring Pathways and Kerry Muhovich for taking such wonderful care of our dear girl.