Molly Marie, renowned for her crooked smile, her uncanny ability to tell time and her seemingly endless pee stream, passed away December 22, 2021 at her Denver home. She was surrounded by her loving family and her longtime companion, the head of her security detail, Rufus.

Like many ladies, Molly never revealed her age. Unlike many ladies, Molly enjoyed eating dirt.

The product of a troubled, and troubling, youth, Molly struggled to overcome her background and the emotional and physical scars it left. But with the love of her adopted family, the shy, scared young dog transformed into an outgoing, flirtatious, self-assured – some would say stubborn and troublemaking – middle-aged canine. She even managed to parlay the loss of all her left-side teeth, the result of neglect or possibly violence, into a key element of her signature charm by regularly revealing just a hint of little pink tongue.

A nurse by trade, Molly’s ability to heal simply by curling up next to and planting her chin on an invalid’s belly was legendary. Molly enjoyed a spiritual connection to 8:30. She was energized by the hour, never failing, at 8:30 p.m., that it was time for the last walk of the night and rousting anyone who slept past that hour in the morning. When not working, she enjoyed summers sunbathing on backyard cement, and lounging in mulch. A skilled dancer, Molly enjoyed putting her front paws on Rufus’ back, as part of her tireless effort to entice him into forming a conga line. She had a great tail.

She will be remembered for the way every sneeze was followed by a sharp shake of her head, and for her unending generosity. She regularly nudged Rufus out of the cramped corner of the couch toward more spacious areas, such as the floor, relegating herself to that cozy – er, cramped — corner where the blanket required prolonged kneading and scratching in order for it to provide satisfactory comfort.

In lieu of flowers, Molly asked that donations be made in her name to the Treats for Rufus Fund, or her former home, the Adams County Animal Shelter.