Today we said goodbye to Monty J. Fluffytoes, who was about 20 years old and had been with us since we adopted him in 2005. We had a hospice vet come to help him pass away peacefully at home. Monty was an awesome cat. He’s the reason I became a registered veterinary technician. He had a multitude of health issues over the years, and an internal medicine specialist even referred to him as a “medical marvel” and brought in rotation vet students to come check him out. He was diagnosed with acromegaly about 7 years ago after we noted he had diabetes-like symptoms that were not improving with therapy. He lived for far longer than we’d ever thought he would. Over the years, his acromegaly accelerated heart and kidney disease, and eventually the treatments we were able to provide him were no longer enough to ensure his quality of life. I’m thankful he was so chill, he was completely unbothered by the daily injections and oral meds he had to take for so many years. He didn’t bat an eye at fluids, or getting bathed once his battered bladder started to give up control in the last few months. I’m going to miss him a lot. Thanks for everything, Monty.