Moomba had been a part of our lives for 12 1/2 years. He came to live with us shortly after our youngest son was in an accident and broke his neck (he is ok). He slept under our son’s bed and this ultimately became his den. No matter how many changes we made to this room he always slept in there.

It is funny how many things we do for our pets and don’t even really think about it – that is until we don’t have to do them any more. Daily things – out the door first thing in the morning, share breakfast, a long walk, eventually a shorter walk. Vacuuming up all of that shedded hair that you now miss, sharing lunch, him sleeping in the yard while you work. Short rides just to get an ice cream cone, special treats that you hope he is still getting. The list could go on and on as your life revolved around support for your friend.

Him meeting you at the door every time you return and wondering what you brought him. The camping excursions, dips in the lake, chasing rabbits and birds. Special holidays where he was just another kid at the table or with presents under the tree. Even had his own birthday parties and gifts. An invaluable member of the neighborhood as he was remembered as the brown dog with the guy in the red coat that was out every day walking.

We miss him today as in every day and will continue to miss him until we meet again at
“The Rainbow Bridge”.

Bob & Jane’e Chad & Brad