Mya was the sweetest dog I have ever known. She had a very hard first few years before we adopted her. She was skinny, afraid of people, aggressive towards other dogs. But when she finally did trust us, she did so completely. She wasn’t fearful anymore, and was good around other animals. She did everything we did (almost): boat, hike, climb, travel, paddleboard. She would try anything we asked her to.
She had these soulful, kind eyes. It seemed like there was so much understanding behind them. Our entire family loved her so much. I don’t know what I would have done without her the last few years. She was the reason I was happy to come home. But when she didn’t do our normal greeting game when I came back from work anymore, I knew she was in too much pain. I hope that she is in a place where she can chase, herd, swim like a black alligator, play Kong, and get lots of treats and pettings. She was the best dog in the whole world.