Nadi (aka Pookie Bear)

This precious soul entered our lives January 2nd, 2015.  We decided our youngest daughter needed a friend of the animal kind so we drove to the local animal shelter to take a look.  At the end of the row in the last kennel on the left there was the most beautiful dog we had ever layed eyes upon.  She was lying froggy-style with her little chin resting on the floor and looking up at us with those big beautiful brown eyes.

From that point on we lost our hearts to her.  Whenever we came home from work or school she would greet us with an abundance of enthusiasm as displayed by her running around in circles and back and forth in happiness.

She wanted to accompany us everywhere we went so Nadi became our shopping partner.  One place in particular Nadi loved  was coffee shops.  Strange but true!

Our Nadi succumbed to a liver shunt and transitioned on Easter Eve.  Since the day we found her at the shelter we took her in as our own despite many bouts of illness during her life with us.  We never considered giving her up.  Our profound love for her only grew stronger!

Nadi- our earth angel; you are loved little one.  Watch over us until we meet again.

Your family in love…