Ollie, it’s been almost 2 months since we had to say goodbye and we are still struggling to find the words. There’s simply nothing we can say that can emphasize how much you meant to us and trying to type them makes it so much more real that you are gone. Simply put, you were our spirit animal, our baby boy, and we were so proud to be your humans.

You could not have been a more perfect dog, you brought so much warmth and comfort to our lives. We miss everything about you but we miss the little things the most… milking us for treats after our morning walk so we could finally get to work, your impatient whines and crazy faces when you were bored, the way you’d stretch out to put your paws on us, stealing our socks so we’d “chase” you, herding the dogs at the park, watching how happy you were hiking and running through rivers, giving you the empty peanut butter jar, singing you the stupidest songs… your joy was our happiness.

It is not fair that you had to deal with so many health issues and that you didn’t even get to see 4 years old. We are so heartbroken we didn’t get to see you grow up and feel so robbed of the life we were planning to give you.

Thank you for brightening our worlds for the short time we had together. We love you Bubbas, we will always miss you and remember you so fondly.