It has been 1 year since we said goodbye to our best friend, constant adventurer, and perpetually smiling Oliver. An Aussie through and through, Ollie loved retrieving a ball for hours and herding kids and chickens (even if he was herding them in the wrong direction!).

Oliver was months away from his 15th birthday, and though arthritis plagued his later years, he was always up for a walk, hike, or run. In his youth, he could run 3 miles and beg for more! At the age of 7, Ollie went on a 21 mile hike in the Rawah mountains. After this 21 mile hike, may be the first time Ollie was tired enough to need a nap!

Ollie loved his family and would protect us from all dangers- perceived and real. He hated cuddling, loved swimming, and could be poked and prodded (even stepped on) by children without making a peep. He knew his job was to protect and watch over his family, and he did that always. When our daughters were born he accepted them right away, guarding them whenever they slept.

His calm and gentle nature was a constant presence for 15 years. Even on vacations, my husband would remark how difficult it was to be away from Ollie’s calming presence.

Termed, “Everyone‘s Best Friend,” Ollie never met a person he didn’t instantly love. He didn’t necessarily feel the same way about other dogs-only Gina and Jax and occasionally Pippin, the cat, were his animal friends.

We miss you every day, Ollie. Love you. And, thank you.