When we first met Piper he was a bundle of joyful energy. He filled a hole in our family we did not even know we had. Piper loved to eat just about anything you gave him, and among his favorites were oranges, carrots, and ice. His favorite game was tug of war, and he had been known to poke his teeth into Chapstick tubes left unattended. Piper was a faithful companion and friend who saw us through some rough times. Perhaps he rescued us as much as we rescued him. He was always there to greet us with his tail wagging. He protected our granddaughter just as he had our son, and lovingly tolerated both of their antics. As Piper’s health declined and his memory got worse, he continued to be his faithful self in spite of his decreased comfort. While Piper is no longer in pain, our hearts are heavy with his absence.