Dear Caring Pathways team,

This is the first time I am speechless. I want to share a tribute to Puff, our beloved feline companion. I wish my tears of sadness & gratitude could put into words what my heart feels. Puff died five days ago. My grief is raw. I reached out to you a week ago, today. A Sunday. The compassionate response from Kay, Jessica and Savannah touched me, deeply. And then… Dr. Kerry (a professional angel) came to our door during my darkest hour, Tuesday morning. I always knew I wanted to keep Puff home during her final days. I had no idea what her final moments would look like. I am so grateful that Puff’s final moments were in the loving presence of Dr. Kerry, my husband and I. I am so grateful for Caring Pathways. Thank you for offering this compassionate service for my baby (I know you understand) in the comforts of a home she “ruled” for 17 years. Thank you for cradling me through this hard loss. My broken heart is filled with love… I am telling the WORLD about you!

In the words of Puff, “Meow”,
I miss her, “meow…”
Mary & Jeff King