He splashed in the Atlantic Ocean and sat on top of Pikes Peak.

He was chased by an otter and stared down by a grizzly bear.

He pooped in 14 states.

He put his head inside a Thanksgiving turkey and feasted.

He killed a pika and protected us from lizards.

He helped his packparents get married.

He explored countless miles by our sides.

He frogdogged, walldogged, chibbed, and hoofed.

He accepted our newest tiny pack-member and became her loyalest protector.

He gave us 12 long, happy years of love and adventure.

Our dingo, our best friend, our first kid.

We’ll love you forever baby boy ❤️.

Riley Wormsers Dingoboy Powell Lepkowski

February 2007 – August 2019