Roxie B. Dachshund and Banana B. Dachshund ran over the rainbow bridge together on December 18, 2022. They are survived by their two new sausage squad members, Panini and Canoe, and their pawrents, mom and dad.

Born January 10, 2005 in Texas, Roxie was her mom’s most favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever. Her momma had wanted a dachshund for a couple of years and was so thrilled to finally have a dachshund in her life. Roxie’s favorite hobby was whining. She hated everything from the cold weather (even if it wasn’t actually cold) to car rides to being held to not getting a toy or treat she wanted. On the other hand, she was a good sport accompanying her pawrents on many cold camping trips and long hikes. Despite her grumpy personality, she was the best cuddle buddy her mom could ask for and the cutest blanket burrower. Her favorite toys were Trouty, a random plush fish she found on the sidewalk of South Pearl Street in Denver, and Teddy, another random plush teddy bear her mom was going to toss out until it found its new doggie owner.

Born exactly one year and one day later on January 11, 2006, in Texas also, Banana was the sweetest and best addition to her mom’s life. She made up for her sister being a grumpy brat and brought so many smiles with her fun and talented personality. Banana was obsessed with balls and fetching and the only thing she loved more than these two things were her hedgehog plushes that her mom would sew up any time they had a hole in them from being extra-loved. Any time her pawrents got up in the morning or her pawrents came home from work or it was mealtime, she would go grab a hedgehog to squeak as a cheerful greeting. Banana, too, would accompany her pawrents on camping trips and long hikes. She was also the not-so-secret favorite dog of her mom, who would often take her on solo mommy-daughter hikes. Banana would catch the attention of every passerby on her hikes with her adorable short legs and the way she would carry her tennis ball the whole way.

Banana fell ill on December 14th, less than a month short of her 17th birthday. She always had the worst luck in life, first getting very sick with an auto-immune blood disorder at the age of 4 and almost not making it. She knew how much her mom needed her in her life, so she was strong and pulled through. Later in life, she experienced many challenges and scary events with spine problems and stomach issues, but was always able to pull through until her final, sudden sickness and seizures that she was unable to overcome.

Roxie lived a good life with few problems and was so close to making it to her 18th birthday, but, staying true to her grumpy personality, she stopped enjoying life as much and was having a hard time getting around in this big world.

Roxie and Banana passed peacefully at home in their mom’s arms exactly six months after their pawrents welcomed their two new sausage squad members. They knew it was time to let their pawrents go so their siblings could be loved by them as much as they had been loved. They will FUREVER be missed and leave a giant hole in their pawrents’ hearts. In lieu of flowers, their family asks that you give your pups some extra love tonight and every day because life is short, just like a dachshund.