Just wanted to reach out and send many thanks for all of the love you brought to us in our difficult decision to help our Rue cross over Rainbow Bridge. Dr. JoAnna was absolutely amazing. She did everything with such grace and respect. I’m not sure myself personally would have been able to handle letting Rue go if it weren’t for her.

Rue was a special boy. I adopted him from the Dumb Friends League in December 2018. I saw this sweet old man dog that no one wanted and I immediately asked my husband for forgiveness not permission to bring Rue home. Shortly after adopting him we moved to our acreage in Elizabeth. Rue adored this place. 4 acres to run like a puppy. And run he did. Right up until his last few days.

In January we found the lump in his leg to be cancer. I work with cancer patients at Anschutz and I know how difficult treatments and surgery can be on a human, so we made the decision to make Rue’s life into a bucket list for as long as his health would allow. Sadly we fell short on time. He did get to be blessed with 2 fur sisters whom loved him deeply, ice cream at the drive in, running 4 acres, naps in the sun on a giant porch, plenty of blankets to fall into whenever he wanted to relax, and a human family who loved him so much words can’t Express.

It has taken me a few weeks to be able to write and reach out to Express our gratitude for your service. We have decided that when it comes for our other senior fur babies to join Rue over Rainbow bridge we would love to have Dr. JoAnna help us with the journey.

My husband picked Rue up last week from your office and it took my awhile to be able open his paw print and the card Dr. JoAnna did for us. I found so much comfort knowing he was loved by her the moment she saw him and how much love she poured out for us and him.

Thanks again for making this a loving memory.