It’s been over a month since you left us and not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. My Sadie lady, I used to cry at the mere thought of losing you, and now that you are gone I know nothing could have prepared me for the grief that I’ve felt since you left. You were my best friend for 15 years, – although we never really knew your age because you were rescued from the streets – and my constant through so much change. You were the princess of our household and we were so happy to give you everything you wanted. You had many siblings in your life, but you really thrived as a single child. You ran this house and we knew it.

I loved how friendly you were to new people and without a doubt everyone always said you were the nicest cat they have ever met. You had an ability to change peoples perception of cats. They would all go “oh my gosh she’s so soft and beautiful” and I swear your ego would grow. We had our own language of communicating, and I will miss having you jump into my arms and demand pets, or curling up on my pillow around my head and lure me to sleep with your purrs. I will miss how you had a bedtime routine that only started when ours did. Or how you used to stand guard at the bathroom door whenever we were in there. I will miss how you would run to greet us at the door even if we had only left for a short while. Or how you used to meow and meow at us after we would come home from a vacation, as if you were catching us up on what we missed while also scolding us for leaving you. I will miss how you used to stay up late with me while I read into the wee hours of the morning. I will miss how I always somehow knew where you were in the house – like we were tethered together.

I didn’t know what the meaning of soul animal was until we were at the vet and they told us you were dying and I felt my heart ripped out. I wish I’d known you were sick, I wish I’d had a way to help you get better. I knew you weren’t going to give up and that you were going to keep fighting but I had to make the call for you and for me. Just know letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I hope you visit me in my dreams and that I get to hold you and pet you again. We light a candle for you every night so you can find your way back to us. I will love you forever my Sadie baby.