When I rescued a senior dog , I did so knowing that they have lived the majority of their years. The plus is that you get to make their last chapter their best chapter! Schatzi picked me to be the author of her last chapter; we seniors, we were two of a kind.
Her journey of the last months came with a diagnosis of dementia & focal seizures. Every day was her last best day as her world grew smaller. Together, we checked adventures from her bucket list. She was my ride or die as we did doughnuts on the salt flats of Utah. She “climbed” her first fourteener a month before her passing & experienced her last snowfall the same day!
Defining quality of life became an ongoing topic of discussion. I drew a line in the sand & prayed she wouldn’t cross it.

My last & best gift to you Schatzi is the one that shattered my heart … your wings. Schatzi you weren’t the best dog for everyone but you was the best dog for me. I cherish our bond. You lived a lifetime in our four years together my forever “Sweet Sixteen” girl!