With the compassionate assistance of Dr. Lori and Caring Pathways, we said goodbye to our beloved Scout on October 4, 2017. Scout chose us in February, 2004 and was an amazing friend, protector and companion. We will always remember the day when went to meet the breeder from Kansas to purchase a female, yellow Labrador. And came home with a male, chocolate Labrador- the only chocolate in the litter! He would not leave my husband alone. He kept coming over to him and loving on him and before we knew it, we had ourselves the most precious puppy ever. Scout was loyal from the start. He never went through the chewing, destructive puppy phase. He accompanied us everywhere and loved to go on walks in the woods and fields behind our church, chasing rabbits and deer whenever he had the chance. Scout slept with us every night for 2 years and stopped when I was 6 months pregnant. He stopped sleeping with us then and never did again. Instead, he starting sleeping under the crib before our son was born. As our son grew and moved into a bed, he started sleeping outside his door. He was so protective of him, always keeping one eye on him whenever he was outside. Scout would walk the perimeter of our yard. He would not come in the house until he had patrolled the property. When Scout was 6, we brought home the female, yellow Labrador we had gone to get 6 years earlier. He was so smart. He taught her how to behave and how to remain quiet when the doorbell rang. He tolerated her love and endless smothering. We believe he secretly loved her back! As Scout aged, he continued to chase the rabbits in our yard. While jumping off the deck after one, he tore his right ACL. Six weeks later he tore his left ACL. We feared it might be the end as we could not afford to have the surgeries and we were having to carry his back end to help him move. Our vet encouraged us to give it a few weeks. We were relieved when he was able to walk again on his own and seemed to be doing well. Over the course of the next 6-7 years, he developed crippling arthritis in his knees and neuropathy. It was so difficult to watch him deteriorate physically while remaining mentally alert and engaged. Deciding when to say goodbye was the hardest decision of our lives. Actually saying goodbye was no easier. The Caring Pathways team helped immensely. Dr. Lori was so compassionate and kind. Being able to say goodbye with Scout resting comfortably in his dog bed at home, surrounded by his companion dog Rylee and our family was such a blessing. Our hearts are hurting and we miss him terribly. We have so many beautiful memories of him and the unconditional love he brought to our family, friends and neighbors. Scout was an angel on earth who is now an angel in heaven. RIP Scout, aka Scouteroo- you remain forever in our hearts.

Linda, Matt, Shannon, Meghan & Matthew Monaghan