Dear Caring Pathways,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonder care you provide not only for our beloved CeCe, but also for us as we were in a “puddle of tears” on our back porch last evening.

I’ve always known saying goodbye to a pet is hard, but I had no idea it would be this hard. My heart feels literally broken today, she left such a huge hole.

Sierra, affectionately known as CeCe, was my husband’s best buddy. She was a 15 1/2 yo Lab/Vizla mix. He got her from Denver Dumb Friends League back before we met each-other.

CeCe was always full of spunk, loved car rides, dog parks, swimming, talking back to us (literally), and bones! But most of all she loved her family. She was always by Erik’s side. He even joked that his darn “Red Dawg” probably knew him better than he knew himself.

I brought 2 other cats and 2 other dogs to our marriage, but CeCe was always the pack leader. Today, our dogs are clearly going through some separation/depression issues; but together we are going to get through this.

Thanks to Dr. Lori Lowery for taking such good care of our old girl! Thanks for honoring her in the pitch of night on our back porch, just where our sweet girl got to watch her last sunset.

Rest in peace sweet Sierra! We will come pick you up on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Love forever,
Kristin & Erik Williams