Sonic was a loyal best friend to his pet parents and family. He spent his happy young-mid years in Los Altos, CA where he took weekly walks to Petco and annual trips to Mendocino. He loved spending time in Yosemite and being with his dog buddies Sophie-Lou, Indy, Layla, and Colt. Then the family moved to Fort Collins and Sonic loved his daily walks to Twin Silo Park and all the RV trips he took in the Poudre Canyon, Golden Gate Canyon SP, Salida, and S Dakota. He truly loved the wide paths and snowy hikes at Horsetooth Rock and Lory State Park. He met new friends Gizmo, Jolly, Diego, Nita, and Meeko. While he was a mama’s dog at heart, he wouldn’t walk unless daddy was with him too. He spent 13 years with his “litter mate” Dale who asked for a dog at age 8. When he got a cancerous tumor, Dr. Kristen gave us extraordinary compassion and told us minute by minute what to expect. Sonic has a peaceful death with his family next to him.