The most amazing companion in this lifetime. He saved my life in 2006 when I died and didn’t want to live after seeing the golden light, not suffering anymore pain in this life. I was given the greatest gift, a Boston Terrier puppy, who also was a runt and wasn’t suppose to survive either. As a great Buddhist, I saved both our lives, he was no bigger than my hand and then blossomed into a medium size incredible companion. He gave me unconditional love always, he was my protector, he became my service dog with great incredible demeanor, people thought he was a stuff animal when he was in the basket sitting close to me, because I had seizures, he could warn you before it occurred. He detected cancer in my neighbor who died a year later after meeting him. He was so smart and gentle to all.

His incredible journey has been a great story, he always loved the outdoors, the water, fishing calling them to us when he barked, he rock-hounded with us grabbing a scraper once trying to dig for crystals. He loved to go to the mountains and explore everything he could with us. So many stories, that I may write a book about his awesome life.

This marvelous companion had to leave us on January 31st 2020, I made the decision to let him go with IVDD his spine was giving out, he couldn’t walk normally, being on medication for the pain every 8 hours and him just sleeping wasn’t any kind of life to live. Spartacus gave me kisses as I thanked him for an incredible time with him, and for loving me unconditionally no matter what obstacles may have occurred.

The day came and he was ready to go, he knew, we talked to him always about everything. He was a little over 13 ½ years old, and in that time period I have chanted for the whole time for his absolute happiness, great health and enlightenment. As we chanted 20 minutes before his passing, he started to chant with us the whole time, this was a benefit. I never heard him make this sound before when we chanted with him. His last gift to us, I felt comforted and knew no more suffering my precious companion. I still chanted for his absolute happiness and his enlightened journey, so far I have received a sign of hearts everywhere I look, in clouds, in food and saw a dog cloud with angel wings with no other clouds in the sky.

One last remark to make, the lesson I learned from my Spartacus is that his unconditional love for me is nothing I have ever experienced with a human being, he has never hurt me with words or abuse in anyway, I can’t say that about humans.