Speck (2004 – 2019)

We rescued Speck from a shelter in 2004, as we wanted to find a companion cat for my daughter and our other cat, Kelly (1996-2015).  Of all the cats in the shelter’s cat room, I noticed Speck followed me as I walked around the cages looking at the many kittens and cats, waiting patiently for me to get to his cage.  He was such a friendly boy from the start, made us laugh with his antics, and made us feel special and calm with his lap cuddles.  He had a little chirp of a meow when he wanted to be fed, had loud purrs and made the best biscuits.  He left us February 24, 2019 with the compassionate help of Caring Pathways (best decision I’ve ever made) and is missed daily.  RIP, little chirpy boy.

Thank you,

Donna Hogg