We lost our beautiful Stella Bella last Saturday, Feb. 22, and we are still lost. We rescued Stella when she was 7-1/2, and her personality developed every single day for the past 5-1/2 years. Even at almost 13, she acted like she was 3….so, so sweet, yet such a character!  This is no longer a “home,” it is simply a “house”. Her greatest gift was showing my husband what it is to fall in love with a doggie (I already knew)….and we thank God you were a part of our lives. When we come home we still see your sweet face at the door, whole body wagging, waiting to run through the house with me and have a snack. We come downstairs in the morning and still see your eyes peering over the couch arm, waiting for your morning tummy pets and kisses. You never did understand stairs, but you sure loved sleeping on “your” couch at night! We will miss you and love you every single day, our beautiful baby girl….thank you for choosing us as your forever family. ♥️