Today we lost a family member that was also a best friend. Our sweet Sugar went to place where she can be pain free. We brought Sugar home when she was just a few weeks old and today she is shy of 15 by three days. She was with us thru three homes, two kids and countless happy and sad moments. She always showed us unfailing love and loyalty. She greeted us everyday at the door with a wagging tail, even today, although her body was tired. If only her body did not fail her as her mind was still all there.

We hope you find a place where you can chase that frisbee as you truly are a frisbee champion. We hope you find a place to swim again where the waters are clear and calm. 

We as a family will never have another dog like you, you truly are one of a kind and our hearts are breaking today. There is a story I read that states that dogs never die, that they just sleep. That the ache in your chest is their tail wagging, and it starts to wag slower as time goes by, and that your chest won’t hurt as much. I hope that is true, but I am willing to let that ache hang around for a while as it is the least I can do for everything you have given us.

You were our friend, our protector, our vacuum, our steady in a world of chaos. Rest easy, eat all the popcorn you want and bark at anything you want. We love you Sugar, see you soon, be waiting at the door for us with a wagging tail.