What can I say about my beautiful balloon princess….you were the best baby in the world. So smart we had to spell words until in time you figured those out. You were such a big part of our heart for 13 years. Taught us so much about love. You were with us in happy and difficult times in our life’s , it is so painful to imagine every tomorrow without you in it.

Everyone that ever met you thought you were a little angel from above. Discovered your love of balloons a few years ago, we blew them up and you would gently hold them in your mouth while I took a picture to post for your many admirers on Facebook, some as far away as Hong Kong. They even had daily contests to guess what color balloon we would post next. Your little brother Cooper misses you as much as we do.

You were so strong and brave when you had your cancer surgery back in February. We had so hoped for more precious time but when we realized you were suffering we loved you enough to let you go. One of the hardest things I have ever done. You were asleep but I held your paw and kissed your little face the entire time. You took a piece of Mommies heart when you left. I have cried so many tears but I know you are in Heaven running and playing with a million balloons. You will forever live in our hearts….Until we meet again little Princess….

Love, Mom, Dad & Cooper

Thank you so much Caring Pathways for your compassion during this difficult time…..