What a life you led! From a rescue kitty, to the original test cat for prey drive for Freedom Service Dogs (aka Feisty), to our beloved family member for 12 years. As a test cat, your keen read of a dog’s prey drive was always right on target. You were able to help so many shelter dogs either become a service dog or someone’s best friend.

And then you came and became ‘Le Tigre of Jack Ass Hill’. You were such a great addition to our family. You kept us safe from mice and hill intruders…and of course, you kept us entertained with your ‘ca-dog’ retrieve skills. When we brought Yeti home, it was so fun to see you have a buddy. You two were inseparable. And then we got our permanent dog, Fortune, you loved her the best a cat can.

We will miss you every day – hanging with us, greeting guests, and of course, doing ‘spiderman’ up the fence to keep us safe. But we know your body was ready for rest. We hope you and Yeti are back together tearing it up in heaven.