Tori, you were my first dog. I had everything planned out for months before I was finally able to bring you home. It’s tough to put into a few words everything you have given me and taught me over the last nine years and two months.

You loved life and people. You were full of energy and loved to play. A girl on the go. You had the purest heart I have ever known. You taught me to give people a chance and to love life and to be as happy as I possibly can be because life is too short and precious.

I wish I would have known about your heart. I thought you were still in great shape. I thought we had some more time together.
That night when I tossed your ball for the last time and you collapsed in the backyard and we went to the doctor and found out about your heart, was the worst night of my life. It was the first time I couldn’t fix it and I’m very, very sorry for that. I am. I want you to know that and I hope you know and understand that I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m sorry.

I’m glad I got to take you home that night and spend the next day with you. I’m glad our regular doctor didn’t have an appointment available the next day and I got to spend an extra twenty-four hours with you. I’m glad we got Gina to come to the house. It helped your dad a lot because that was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. Home was the right place to say good-bye and I made it the best it could possibly be for you.

I’m sorry for the times you had to be alone when I was at work or had to run somewhere. If I had to go somewhere and I could take you, I did. Everybody loved you. I hope you understand that. You were the best company I’ve ever had. I loved being with you and can’t believe that will be no more.

I will miss watering and cutting the grass with you, washing the car, going on walks, the dog park, car rides, hitting golf balls against the mattress in the living room with you, and most of all your presence and smile. I loved your smile. I think about it all the time. I will miss being able to tell you everything. Home will never be the same.

I hope and pray you’re okay and I will be able to see you again one day.

RIP Tori Girl. I have never loved somebody so much in my life and will miss you terribly.

TORI ANN MARTIN – 03-26-2013 – 05-27-2022.