Our dear Trekker (affectionately know as Buba) was loved by so many people-friends, family, Jason his dog trainer, Caroline and Carrie his dog sitters, and the staffs at two doggie daycares. He brought many new friends into our lives. He never trekked in the way we thought he would. He didn’t like walks, hikes, or rides in the car as the anxiety and stress of those things were difficult for him. He had been rescued by Max Fund from an abusive situation and was found living on the streets in Denver. He trekked though our lives learning to overcome fear and anxiety and to trust that we loved and cared for him. Our home and yard were a haven of safety for him. He didn’t always engage others as some dogs do, but he engaged our hearts and souls. In his later years, he learned to live with diabetes, insulin shots, and eventually loosing his eyesight. However, he trusted us more the less he could see and taught us about how to live every day. He was a survivor and an amazing dog and will be greatly missed. He passed away on August 21, 2019 with the Caring Pathways vet present. How grateful we are for him and for the people whose lives he touched.