Our beloved cat Trilly passed away July 24, 2019. As I sat down to write a tribute to him, I tried to remember every detail of who he was and what made him so incredibly special, but the words felt hollow. Listing his antics and describing his personality doesn’t begin to touch the magic Trilly brought to our lives. It’s the intangible that made our boy and our relationship to him, so precious – his love, his solace.

That painful Wednesday morning we lost a buddy, a family member, a friend, a soulmate. He was all that and more. He was central to our lives; there’s a hole in our hearts and in our home. Trilly was a cat, a long-legged precious guy that both held us and was held.

He gave us pure joy everyday of the nearly 14 years we had him, until he finally said goodbye, stretching his long body to reach us as Mark and I lay on the floor cradling our baby. I used to look into those beautifully outlined, soulful eyes and a sadness would well up in me, knowing the incredible depth of this giving, special creature and of all sentient beings deserving of love and respect.

Thank you for that Trill, thank you for sharing your love and your life with us – you are missed and are forever imprinted on our hearts.