I want to thank caring pathways and Dr. Joann for helping us let our princess pass on to heaven. She has been my best friend and companion for four short years and we have done just about everything together. She has helped me through some of my hardest times and i hope she knew that is what i always did for her. at about one years of age she began a three year long journey with seizures and we tried medicine to keep them under control but they always seemed to return. We bought a home this past January and a couple months after moving i noticed that she was starting to act strange. She just seemed not herself. I took her to her neurologist thinking a seizure may have caused brain damage. What we found was much worse an autoimmune disease called Meningoencephalitis. We had her take a cocktail of drugs to manage that along with her seizures. After a few er trips and a stay at the hospital twice and finally the breaking point she no longer was able to walk/ stand/ eat/ potty on her own very well. The last er visit was because i knew she was in pain ( i made both of us a promise that if she was going to be living in pain and the quality of life was no longer fair … we would make a decision). Up until then i was able to help manage her quality of life but now i knew it was no longer fair. I was given the information on how her goodbyes could be done at home and she could stay in my arms, have a last meal, enjoy family and see her brother. Tula, was truly my best friend and my husband loved her dearly (more than i ever thought he would) and she was loved by so many of my friends and family.When i brought her home as a puppy i knew i loved her but I do not think I could imagine how much comfort and love she would bring me and all theses people in four years. She was sweet and strong … she was stronger than me at times. On July 27th, 2016 my husband Derek, her aunt Alisa, myself and Dr. Joann gave her to heaven at home … I do not think it was a bad day for her and I do not believe I would have done it any other way. She loved us all so much and what a beautiful way to show her how much we loved her? I love my little Tula!