Tyson the Bison

01 April 2006 – 13 March 2022
An open tribute

Tyson, my Sweetness, you have always been my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy. You can now run freely again. Your nervous system, larynx and rear legs no longer hinder or fail you. You can reunite with your sisters, Tula and Kona. You have amazed me over the past 16 years. You are by far the strongest willed furry companion I have ever had the privilege of calling my baby. Some say they rescued their dog and others that their dog rescued them. I believe in the latter mostly. You and your sisters came into my life when I truly needed you. I suppose we all needed each other. First came Kona Kone the Konster and a few years later, you and Tula the Tulip joined the pack. Regardless of life’s wind’s direction, we stuck together because we were our own little family. I was as devoted to you as you were to me. I have swelled with pride anytime I had a chance to speak about you. You were a lanky bright pup, barrel-chested mischievous boy, and a sweet loving old man. You were always a mama’s boy who squished into my lap one way or another and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You loved us so fiercely and I promise, you still have all our love in return for all the years to come. I remember the day you first needed me to carry you to safety. You were a whimpering lanky 8ish month old boy who had just been bitten. As I clumsily toted your lankiness home, I thought you couldn’t walk but no, you were mostly just scared. This was the beginning of you proving me wrong! You may have not garnered the friendship of most dogs and disobeyed the counter surfing rules, BUT you had no problems quickly adjusting to an indoor life where your body and soul were nurtured. You were an affectionate boy; an absolute love. You deeply loved all the times we cuddled and snuggled. You energetically gave so many slobbery kisses. You loved morning and evening squishes like no other. You were very vocal about your enjoyment! There are no words for how much I will miss your affection and acceptance of mine. You always wanted to be present and ensured you were seen. If we were in the kitchen cooking, you would meander in. If you were having a hard time walking, you’d communicate with a lil whine from the living room and I’d pause to go give you love letting you know you were heard and loved. Even John let you lay your head in his lap, as long as he had a towel. Sundays were a very exciting day for you! You intimately knew the aromas of the meals Mama handcrafted for you. I enjoyed the time spent making your meals and knowing I was providing the best nourishment for your little bodies. You devoured the meaty goodness with vigor expressed with smiles and wags! You were an excellent protector. You intimidated anyone who knocked at the door, friend or foe. Friends realized you were just a vocal Big Baby Huey who underestimated his strength. Do you remember Mom nick-naming you Big Baby Huey after taking care of you and the girls? You had so many nicknames – Tyson the Bison, TyTy, Ty-man, Tyson my Sun, Papa, Papasitos, Pop Pop, Boobies, Boobers, Boo Boo, Sweetness, Little Cute Cute, Baby, Bubs, Bubba, Big Baby Huey, Boyfriend, Baby Ruth, Little Boy on the Bayou, Fatty/Lil Fatty, Little Piglet, Pupperoni… Jordan and I loved entertaining you. We constantly serenaded you – some originals and some songs adapted to you. Some soft and sweet; others loud and silly getting you to sing with us. We danced funny dances for and with you. You’d engage, jumping around in excitement. We had such a gas together! You were an active and sometimes rowdy boy. From a very young age, you had so much energy and strength. It took years to move on from puppyhood. You flew down the road carting a Radio Flyer (with me in it). You, Tula, and I loved taking lunch breaks to run in the park. You almost never met a toy you didn’t like but you always favored your PB filled Kong, Tuff balls, and tug toys. You could destruct the professed indestructible toys in minutes flat. You loved playing tug til your last day. Jordan was a great wrestling partner for you and got you amped up to the point you were jumping on the couch like a bull in a china shop. You loved discovering ponds, lakes, grasses, snow and campgrounds. You were not fond of water especially, swimming pools. You LOVED when Jordan took the three of us camping. You ran, rolled on the ground, and explored. We kept you warm at night near the fire and safe from hail in the tent. We loved seeing how happy and content that made you, easily displayed in your bright eyes, giant smile, and happy barks. You were a smart boy. You learned sit, lay, shake, and kisses. You mostly walked well on a leash, but not so much when other pups or cats caught your eye. You loved car rides to nowhere, for puppuccinos, parks, house hunting, relocating, and even the vet if you were feeling well. You loved feeling the wind in your fur allowing your ears and jowls to flow with the pattern of the wind. You frequently checked on me or Jordan during the drive, hanging your head over our shoulders and sometimes giving kisses. I will miss your hot pupper breath. Boy, were you mischievous! You excelled in food thievery moving swiftly and quietly like a lil food ninja. You stole and gobbled cinnamon rolls from Dad, pizza from Angela, truffles from Mariko, cheese and Sausages from Stephanie, lasagna and a pound of butter (including packaging) from me. I’m still unsure if you ever shared any of your stolen goodies with Tula! You were my voracious Little Piglet! On your final day, you were showered with love and treats. I know you enjoyed the savory steak (filet – only the best), pizza, cheese whiz, fresh strawberries, and chocolate vanilla marble cake. Jordan led your final freedom tour on the cart through the neighborhood on a nice sunny day. You could feel the warmth of the sun absorb into your fur and body and the wind blow across your face. If I had let you, you would still be here fighting to be by my side even without me asking. That is because of your undying love for me and your strong will. I could no longer ask you to sacrifice disallowing you a sense of normalcy. This was the most difficult decision. By the same token, the biggest form of love I could show you was letting you go peacefully. You haven’t been gone for even 24 hours and I’m missing you fiercely.

I absolutely celebrate your life, but I am honestly 1000% devastated and somewhat distraught. I know time will heal, but like your sisters, I will always miss you as I let you rest with a piece of my heart.

You were the last of my Mohicans.
Rest now.

Love always,
Your Loving Mama

14 March 2022