My Dear Yoda…2 months have passed & I still miss you everyday. You were the best dog, friend, walking & traveling buddy. Everybody that met you said you were the best dog they met. So well behaved & friendly. So good with all the babies, too. You had personality which included your, at times, stubbornness.
I loved the way your tail was up and swaying when we walked. You had a beautiful tail; I was so sad when we had to amputate your tail. But you still wiggled your “nub” as Papa said.
Each night your Papa & I still notice that your not coming up to us to let us know it’s time for your 8:30 treats. And we miss you not standing at the bedroom hall letting us know it is time for bed. And I miss you when I’m in the treadmill and you come to the bottom of the stairs letting me know it’s time to get off & walk me.
Yoda, you will be missed for a very long time. I hope I will meet you again but until then enjoy the rainbows & play well. We love you.