Ziggy was definitely your typical small dog that thought he was a big dog. He was an unexpected gift to me when I graduated from college and was my first real responsibility in life. It was my first time naming a dog and I think I chose one that was pretty fitting (Ziggy was named after Ziggy Stardust). He was a cuddle bug and always loved to be warm. He had a knack for finding any pillow or soft spot to lay on, whether that’s a pile of blankets, the corner of a couch, or the fuzzy double-coated rump of his Husky siblings. He grew into being a grumpy old man and earned the nickname “fun police” because he didn’t want anybody to have fun except himself. I still loved him through thick and thin, but I’m definitely glad he’s now able to always lay in the sun and never get too hot, and will always have a stack of the softest pillows to lay on.